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Momentary SPST Keyboard PCB Tact Switch

Momentary SPST Keyboard PCB Tact Switch

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Momentary SPST Tact Switch

TS4 series is a momentary SPST OFF-(ON) configuration tact switch,it is also called push button tactile switches and provides audible tactile response,the keyboard PCB mount tact switch has a wide range applications for appliances,electronics games,video equipment and industrial controls.

TS4 series PCB mount red SPST keyboard tactile switch is available in red, black, green and white color actuator options, the top button diameter is 8.0mm, it has tactile feedback, the PIN terminal is gold plated ensures the high reliability.

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Rated:30mA 30VDC

Actuation Force:0.70+/-0.20mm

Operation Force:200+/-50gf

Life:100,000 cycles